Outdoor Facilities

Outdoor Facilities in Swale

Equestrian Centres - Swale is blessed with some high quality equestrian centre.

Callum Park Equestrian Centre

Sports Pitches - The Council currently have a variety of sports pitches available for hire located throughout the borough. These mainly support use by local leagues and teams, but are available for hire throughout the respective season. In addition there are bowling greens, multi-use games areas and tennis courts.

SBC - Sports Piches

Parks, Country Parks and Open Spaces - There are 22 major parks and open spaces in Swale. They consist of a great variety of spaces from urban parks to woodland, country and coastal parks. These provide a great way to enjoy the outdoors, walking, informal exercising, horse riding on designated bridal ways, many have play areas and some have concessions providing activities such as pitch and putt.

SBC - Parks and Open Spaces

Play Areas, Ball Courts and Outdoor Fitness - There are 76 play areas spread throughout the borough provided both by the Council and our partners. Located in parks and open spaces and within easy reach of most residents they are regularly inspected and maintained. They provide a variety of experiences including equipment for disability and also include ball courts, fitness equipment, skate parks, sandpits and water play.

SBC - Play Areas

Allotments - Allotments provide not only the opportunity for exercise through the cultivation and tending of plots, the end product is also cheap, local fresh food. There are a variety of sites large and small located in the borough. Some are directly managed by the Council, but many are self managed by local groups.

SBC - Allotments

Coast - Swale's coastline especially the north Sheppey coast provides significant spaces to enjoy swimming, walking and even cycling. There are three designated Resort beaches, two of which have Quality Coast Awards being Sheerness and Leysdown with the third, the recently designated Minster Leas. All enjoy excellent water quality, tested weekly throughout the season. Views over the Thames Estuary and out into the North Sea provide the backdrop and promenades easy access to both walk and cycle. Given the location of beaches and water there are also good facilities for sea angling and water sport such as windsurfing and dingy sailing.

SBC - Seafront